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Learn more driving school offers driving lessons in North, South and Central Manchester, Stockport, Tameside, Oldham, Rochdale, Bury, Bolton, Wigan, Salford, Trafford and Warrington. Our driving instructors offer weekly lessons and 1 to 1 intensive driving courses. Want to learn to drive? our tuition techniques are recommended by the driving stantards agency as the best form of teaching.

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TEST DRIVE - If you are unsure of how many hours practical training you will need to prepare for your practical test, and you live in Greater Manchester or Cheshire, one of our driving instructor's can take you out for a one hour assesment for £20. During this assesment the instructor will see where you are at with regard to your overall standard and recommend an appropriate course. Most people have do have an accurate idea of their overall standard, but if you are not sure, then please don't hesitate to call us to arrange an assesment lesson.


The guide below is for pupils who feel that they are the type of person who can learn new skills in a short space of time. You will need to able to absorb information quickly. We cannot take people for driving test if they are not ready so please decide carefully on the amount of hours before booking, or you may have to book more hours pracice before we can safely allow you to take a test. The 'test' standard requires zero 'serious' driver faults for up to 45 minutes on your driving test and no more than 15 'minor' faults. Your instructor will provide more infomation on this.


Guide below is for a Manual vehicle. If you prefer to learn Automatic it is £3 per hour more due to automatic running costs.


1 or 2 DAY COURSE - 5 HOURS - £255 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)

Suitable for a pupil who just requires a few hours practicing before the test.


2 or 4 DAYS COURSE - 10 HOURS - £380 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)

This course is aimed at people who are not far off an overall safe standard or have

have recently taken their test, or who feel that they can reach the standard required

within this 12 hour course.


3 or 6 DAY COURSE - 15 HOURS - £505 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)

This course is for learners who have good control of the vehicle but require

improvement on Manoeuvres and complicated traffic sytems.


4 or 8 DAYS COURSE - 20 HOURS - £595 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)


This course for pupils with a safe basic control of the vehicle, and have attempted

some manoeuvres.


5 to 10 DAYS COURSE - 25 HOURS - £695 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)


This course is suitable for pupils who have had a little driving experience. Only if they feel 25 hours would be enough, but for complete beginners we would recommend the 30 to 35 hour 5 to 10 day course.


5 to 10 DAYS COURSE - 30 HOURS - £795 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)


For pupils who can move off and stop the vehicle using the Mirror, Signal, Manouvre routine and

have okay steering control.


5 to 10 DAYS COURSE - 35 HOURS - £895 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)


This course is designed for anybody confident with very little or no experience behind the wheel.


5 to 10 DAYS COURSE - 40 HOURS - £995 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)


This course is designed for anybody with a little less confidence with no experience behind the wheel.


9 to 18 DAYS COURSE - 45 HOURS - £1095 with practical test included (add £35 for theory)


This course is designed for anybody who knows that driving may not come to them naturally, the slower pace and the fact you can do it over more days definately would benefit you.

Our tuition is 1-2-1 only with an experienced DSA Approved Driving Instructor and we guarantee you will not be sharing the car with any other pupil. Online & in car theory support is also offered as a part of the course if needed.


We truly believe that our service is pretty much unique. Ask other companies if they offer:


- FREE ONLINE theory revision subscription with a course, or FREE disc posted for pc if you prefer

- Home pick up anywhere in the North West, or residential stay in a local hotel or B&B organised by us

- Fully qualified one to one driving instruction from a crash course instructor, no shared courses

- Theory and practical test booked for pupils by our office team

- Office support to find the nearest possible testing dates because you are in a rush

- Transport to the theory test centre and last minute tips and hints to pass

- Learn in one or two weeks to cut out the hassle of learning over months and months

- Practical test at the end of your training much quicker than the standard DSA waiting list for practical tests

 (Currently we are getting the standard 6 to 8 week DSA waiting list down to a maximum of a matter of days)

- 20 ADI Instructors waiting to take you out on a course as soon as THIS MONDAY!

- A course hourly rate not more than £20 per hour for your practical training (manual gear vehicle)

Intensive driving course in Manchester,

Driving course in manchester

Pass my driving test in one week

pass my driving test in 1 week

Pass your driving test in one week

pass yur driving test in 1 week

Pass my driving test in two weeks

pass my driving test in 2 weeks

Pass your driving test in two weeks

pass yur driving test in 2 weeks

Intensive driving training in manchester

intensive driving course in the north west

crash course in the north west

We have driving courses starting every week. Book a course today and you can start this coming Monday, you can have your license by FRIDAY!!


Theory test on Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday if neccessary.


Normal start time of 8am, however we can tailor the course should you need other times.

These times are merely an example and can be altered to suit the pupils needs or the needs of the test slots.


Crash course terms and conditions are HERE or can also be found under the crash course tab above. All courses are undertaken that the terms and conditions have been read and fully understood. Please call the office with any queries.

Based in Greater Manchester (all areas), we offer a local daily pickup from your home driving course service, which includes a theory test if needed and a practical driving test in the same week*. You will have access to an online theory training package when you book a course. You book set hours of professional one to one practical driving tuition with one of our Approved driving instructors and get a practical test at the end of your practical training course.

 If you live outside of these areas you can get picked up daily from a Hotel / Bed & Breakast that we can book you into (see prices below). Greater Manchester, testing areas have some nice, quiet roads, meaning that learning to drive can be much calmer experience than you may be used to. You don't need learn to drive over many months, you could pass in a few days. We have access to several practical test centres and we will train you in the area where your test will be.


*Dependant on DSA test cancellation availability, may be following week.

CALL us at our office or book online to get started:


* BOOK NOW and begin in the next week or two!

* Learn in 1 or 2 weeks how to drive safely & pass both tests

* Monday to Friday, morning, afternoon or evening courses

* Weekend or odd times due to work shifts available upon request

* Pass with one of our fully qualified intensive course instructors

* High pass rate: YES, it really can all be done in ONE WEEK!



* Theory test included if you need to pass it

* Online theory revision package activated immediately

* We will take you to the theory centre



* Test at the end of the course, normally at the end of the week*

* Test on average reduced from 7 weeks down to 7 days!


We will activate a full theory test pro account for you when you book a course (If you need to pass your theory test). Theory test pro is a complete online theory training programme, which can be used on your computer, smartphone or tablet.

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Driving Crash course in Bury

Driving Crash course in Salford

Driving Crash course in Manchester

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Driving Crash course in Sheffield

Intensive driving course in Bolton

Intensive driving course in Bury

Intensive driving course in Salford

Intensive driving course in Manchester

Intensive driving course in Rochdale

Intensive driving course in Wigan

Intensive driving course in Oldham

Intensive driving course in Trafford

Intensive driving course in Stockport

Intensive driving course in Tameside

Intensive driving course in Warrington

Intensive driving course in Blackpool

Intensive driving course in Preston

Intensive driving course in Chorley

Intensive driving course in Blackburn

Intensive driving course in Rossendale

Intensive driving course in Darwen

Intensive driving course in North West

Intensive driving course in Sheffield

Areas A to Z we cover:

1 one week driving course in Bolton

1 one week driving course in Bury

1 one week driving course in Salford

1 one week driving course in Manchester

1 one week driving course in Rochdale

1 one week driving course in Wigan

1 one week driving course in Oldham

1 one week driving course in Trafford

1 one week driving course in Stockport

1 one week driving course in Tameside

1 one week driving course in Warrington

1 one week driving course in Blackpool

1 one week driving course in Preston

1 one week driving course in Chorley

1 one week driving course in Blackburn

1 one week driving course in Rossendale

1 one week driving course in Darwen

1 one week driving course in North West

1 one week driving course in Sheffield

Congratulations to the young professional footballers from

Manchester United and Manchester City who have recently passed with us 1st time at Learn more driving school. Pictured:

Federico Macheda, George Swan and Louis Hutton. Well done lads!

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