• First blog - Zero Minor Faults and rememberance day

    Finally I got round to creating a blog, its only taken 6 years as an instructor to do this, but I feel today was the perfect time to start sharing a story with you.

    Erdogan, a polite Turkish man living in local legend Frank Sidebottom's Timperley, called me recently as his international driving license was about to expire and his wife was about to go into labour any day, he was under pressure.

    The driving test date was 11/11/13, at 1024 in the morning. As Erdogan waited nervously in the test centre with me, the clock struck 1024. We could hear the creaking floorboards which confirmed one thing, the examiners were on their way, one door opened, then the waiting room door swung open.

    The exaimner greeted Erdogan with a smile, the usual routine of checking details begun, then one seemingly odd question was asked by the examiner.

    "Would you mind if at 11am we could pull over and observe the 2 minute silence during the test". I thought I mis-heared the exaimner at first, but then it sunk in. I still don't know if Erdogan understood the question to be honest, but he said yes anyway. I thought it was great of the examiner to think about the silence at 11am.

    I waited for 40 minutes or so in the test centre waiting room, wondering if i had managed to calm Erdogan down enough for him to pass the test, he wouldn't mind me telling you he had some bad habits from Turkey, where it seemed ok to pull out infront of oncoming traffic, amongst other things.

    Anyway, 45 minutes had passed by now and my pupil was the last one back, all the other examiners had got back, a few had passed, a few had failed, the usual. My car arrived at the top of the street so I waited back in the test centre, behind the gates, so I couldn't possibly distract the pupil if he saw me.

    Once Erdongan had pulled up, I did the normal thing and began walking to my car. Something strange had happened, the examiner looked over at me and had put his thumb up at me as I looked in the car, that's never happend! As I arrived to take a look at the result, the examiner opened the door and proudly showed me the marking sheet. As I looked at it, nothing. No pen markings in any boxes to indicate any faults had been comitted. I was in shock.

    The examiner praised Erdogan and he even shook my hand as he got out of the car. He also described how they pulled over and observed the 2 minute rememberance together. Perfect.

    Alltogether it turned out to be one of the most satisfying days since becoming an instructor. You can't beat that feeling when one of your learners passes and you know they have worked hard at it. But I havent a clue how he got zero faults. Hid driving was good during the lessons, but to get 0 faults is something special. I have had a lot of 2's and some 1's but always seemed like I wouldn't get a clean sheet.

    Well done Erdogan. He now has a lovely daughter and a full UK driving license.

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